Beware Of Becoming A Spiritual Bully

Bullying is much in the news these days and we can all see the harm this does. It makes others feel inferior, not good enough, fearful, and uncomfortable, and even pushing some to suicide. Spiritual bullying is no less dangerous and no less harmful to others.

What is a spiritual bully? How would we define a spiritual bully?

A spiritual bully is someone that browbeats, intimidates, or pushes their spiritual weight around. A spiritual bully is one that feels superior and better than others.

If one knows more or thinks they know more than others in a spiritual sense or have some spiritual

responsibility then they have to be careful on how this power is used.

If they make others uncomfortable by being overly critical of what others do or are able to do then one is a spiritual bully. We all have to keep in mind that not all are able to understand or do as much as others.

Jesus showed that even a small contribution given from the heart is valuable in God’s eyes. There is no need to push others. Rather why not become an example for others and let others do things at

their own speed. Not all children walk at exactly the same age, some are faster and some or slower, each has their own time and pace.

There is no need to make those that are able to do less or do things at a slower speed feel as if what they do is not good enough. Not all parts of the body are the same and yet all body parts are needed for the health and smooth functioning of the body.

If you want to read biblical examples of spiritual bullies then read Luke 18:9-14 and Matthew chapter 23 and see how Jesus felt about spiritual bullies.

Rather than intimidate or bully others, let us all encourage, help, commend and appreciate what each person is able to do. Each contribution, whether small or large is done to praise of the Almighty God and should be acknowledged and appreciate. Knowledge puffs up but love builds up, so let us work at being amazing displayers of godly love.

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