The Good Habit And Benefits Of Going To Bed And Waking Up Early

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” So states an old proverb, extolling the benefits of going to bed early and of waking up early. Is that really true that going to bed early and waking up early is a good habit with many benefits? And how can one become a person that goes to bed early and wakes up early?

Maybe you have heard some say that they are not a morning person. But just why is that? And can that be changed?

Yes, one can become a morning person and develop the good

habit of waking up early. How can one change if they have the desire to wake up early but find it hard to do so?

Is this a problem because of developing some bad habits like: watching television late at night, staying on the computer late at night, talking on the phone late at night or partying till the wee hours of the morning? These bad habits can be changed with some effort. One needs to change one’s mindset by making a conscious effort to go to bed early.

Some have found that they need to set a bedtime and after a while, slowly making the bedtime earlier by fifteen minutes until a decent bedtime is reached. Since the amount of hours of sleep one needs is different from another, one should keep doing this till they are able to wake up early without a problem, without an alarm clock.

Here are some early risers to inspire us: Abraham: (Genesis 22:3), Moses (Exodus 24:4) and Jesus (Mark 1:35). All these exemplary Bible characters woke up early in the morning. Jesus even woke up while it is was still dark, even before daylight.

Here are some expressions that encourage going to bed and waking up early:

Everything looks clearer in the morning.
You don’t want to waste the day.
It’s a bad habit going to bed late.
All problems look smaller in the morning.
What good happens late at night?
The early bird gets the worm.

Here are some good tips that will help one to get up early in the morning:

Don’t eat late at night. It’s not healthy anyways. Stop eating and

drinking about six PM. That way, the food has been digested by the time one goes to sleep. They will sleep more soundly this way.

Avoid doing something that will stimulate one’s mind close to the bedtime hour. Instead do something relaxing like reading or listening to some relaxing music.

Avoid dealing with or discussing serious problems close to bedtime. Leave them for the morning. Problems always look smaller and are easier to deal with in the light of day.

Here are some benefits of waking up early:

One is able to think more clearly.
One has time to tidy up the house before one leaves.
One has time to eat a good healthy breakfast and will be stronger during the day.
One has time to chew their food instead of just gulping it down which is good for digestion.
Having more time and not needing to rush reduces stress and helps avoid problems like speeding and getting a ticket.
One gets earlier to school, work or appointments which gains respect.
One will have time to read a chapter of the Bible which is inspirational and a good habit.
One will have less stress in general because everything is being looked after.
One has time to exercise which is good for one’s health
One has time to brush one’s teeth which will ensure they last a lifetime.

So why not go to bed early, wake up early and join the six o’clock world? You will enjoy the many benefits of having the good habit of waking up early each morning and accomplishing so much more during each day. You might also enjoy reading: Helpful and Practical Tips for Getting or Going to Bed Early

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