14 Ways To Help You Keep Your Cool In Really Hot Weather

Summer, who doesn’t love summer? We all do! However, sometimes it can get unbearably hot and we need to find ways to keep our cool, especially when there is a heat wave. These days, with climate change, we just might get hotter and hotter weather. It is good to think ahead and have a few handy ways to help us bear really hot weather if it becomes a problem where we are.

Here are a few ways to help endure very hot weather:

1) Air conditioning is probably one of the best ways to go if that is possible for us. That

will solve the whole heat problem, unless A/C bothers us or we can’t afford one.

2) Drink lots of water as you want to stay hydrated. Dehydration can be deadly, so drink more water than usual the hotter it becomes (10-12 glasses).

3) Eat lots of juicy fruits like grapes, peaches, nectarines, cherries and especially watermelon. Keep the fruits in the fridge or put them about an hour or so in the fridge so that when you eat them they are nice and cool, that will definitely be refreshing.

4) Avoid or reduce eating heavy foods like meat, cheese, etc., as these foods are harder to digest and will heat up the body. Eat light and not too many different foods at the same time. When it comes to eating during very hot weather, keep it light!

5) Take cold showers and wash face and hands with cold water or soak your feet in cold water. You can even add some ice if needed. Wet your scalp and hair.

6) Using a fan might also do some good.

7) During the heat of the day, you might want to keep the sun out

of the house as much as possible by keeping the doors and windows closed and using shades on the windows.

8) Wear a wet T-shirt and wet it as often as needed.

9) Wear cotton clothes as they are cooler than other materials.

10) If a swimming pool is available then take advantage of it.

11) Get a spray bottle, fill it with cool water and spray yourself as needed.
The spray bottle can be taken anywhere you go. You can also put some ice in the spray bottle so that the water is really refreshing.

12) Find a cool place to sit, like under a tree and take off your shoes and socks.

13) Freeze four 2 liter bottles of water and place two of them behind fans. The fans will circulate the cold air given off by the ice in the bottles. Keep the other two in the freezer and when the ones you are using thaw out, stick them back in the freezer and take out the two that are frozen and keep recycling as needed.

14) Visit a mall or a library and spend the day there if needed. Bring some water with you and catch up on your shopping or reading.

There you have fourteen ways to help you stay cool in really hot weather or during a heat wave. Enjoy the summer. Drink lots of water keep your cool. Sometimes it’s a matter of survival. Don’t become a casualty of extreme hot weather.

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  • Dr.Simran  15-07-2014
    Right said, in summer grocery shopping list, just shifts immediately to more juicy, watery things from very highly fatty, warm things of winters. Right said, these juicy things will definitely keep everybody cool, if routine made in summers. And, appropriate fabric cloth will definitely help. But, these will help only when everybody routinely follow them. Some follow, them only once in a month and say it does not help. They need to be followed routinely. And, surely no comparison of air conditioner's cool air. But, do not sit too long in front of air conditioner, sit on there where its air does not fall into eyes directly.
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  • MysticAnnie  13-05-2014
    Excellent reminders for everyone now when summer is coming up. We have had it warm here in Spain for a while now and I know how easy it is to forget the obvious. Water is so important in the heat and eating right as well. I always try to focus on fruit and vegetables with a high water content so we are well hydrated all the time. It is really important when you are outside and perhaps on the beach.
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