Multitasking (part 4) How Can One Do Two Jobs At The Same Time And Double Their Earnings By Multitasking?

Can one do two jobs by multitasking? Can one double their earnings by multitasking?

Yes, one can do that! How? How can one do two jobs at the same time and maybe double their earnings?

Let me tell you how I did it a couple of times. I was working as a salesman selling buttons to clothes manufacturers. At lunch time, I usually read a bit of the newspaper and always checked the want-ads to see what other work was available.

One day I came across a want-ad for someone to sell labels. This company made labels that displayed the name on the

manufacturer and labels giving cleaning instruction. Every item made, usually had two or three or more different labels.

I got the bright idea that I could do both jobs at the same time and make more money. I was already visiting customers that needed to buy both products, why not buy both from me? I was already there just about every day. All I had to do was find out who purchased the labels and offer my services.

So I applied for the job and the label company was only too happy to hire me, since i was already familiar with the business and was already visiting customers that needed both buttons and labels. What were the results?

Every week I got two pay checks plus the label company gave an extra bonus for travelling expenses. Plus, id my sales were higher than my weekly draw then at the end of every month I got also two commission checks. While I did these jobs, I can tell you it was an amazing feeling getting two pay checks.

Later, I did that again, when I was selling

life insurance. I also worked for another company selling mutual funds. Same customers, two different needed products, two sales at the same visit, and two commission checks for every visit.

I did a number of other times also when I was selling health products, beauty products, and as a courier.

In case you are wondering how many jobs did this guy have? I was ambitious, always trying to find ways to earn more, work less. I always wanted as much free time as possible to do volunteer work. Earning money was just a necessary evil. I always had more important things to do with my life than work to look after my material needs.

Can you do something else, with the job you have? Can you multitask and do jobs at once and double your earning while still working the same number of hours by multitasking? The brain that God gave us can do amazing things, we just have to put it to work and be curious, be observant and who knows what can happen?


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  • abhi_bangal  17-09-2017
    I guess what made you land the second job was because you had the prior knowledge of the business. This means if anyone needs to do this kind of multitasking for earning more money, it has to be done in the same field that one is experienced at. This gives a better hope of getting an extra job for an extra income.
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