How Do You Keep Your Kidneys Healthy For Life?

What are the functions of the kidneys? Why should you take care of your two kidneys? How should you take care of this filter for life? What are the figurative kidneys?

What are the kidneys and what purpose do they serve?

The kidneys are important organs of the body that are located in our lower back. The kidneys serve as your body’s filters.

There are many chemical processes taking place in the body that release toxic substances that would seriously harm you, if not removed and discarded from your body. Your kidneys do exactly that, they remove harmful toxins, and keep you running

and healthy. The kidneys filter your blood. They keep it clean. They keep what is useful and remove what would harm you.

Why should you take care of your two kidneys?

Kidney problems result in serious and painful health challenges. Here are some kidney problems you would not want: kidney stones, kidney infection, or kidney failure. If your kidneys break down and are unable to function, you are in big trouble.

So how can you keep them functioning for your entire life? What will help to prevent stones, infection, or breakdown?

Water, plenty of pure, clean water! You have to drink enough water daily. How much water is that? It has always been recommended that we all should drink a minimum of eight glasses daily of the best and cleanest water one can find.

One recommendation is that when we get up, we drink two glasses of water and wait thirty minutes before we eat anything. This will allow the water to do its work and it will not dilute our stomach acids so that they can properly digest the food.

So when you get up, drink two glasses of water, go to the bathroom, wash and then eat. Start this habit of drinking two glasses of water first thing in the morning and another six glasses during the day, always before meals on an empty stomach and maintain

the habit throughout your life.

Also eat healthy foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid junk food; it is not much good for anything.

Do moderate exercise, especially brisk walking.

What are the figurative kidneys?

Notice this Bible verse from a literal translation. Jeremiah 12:2 reads: “Thou hast planted them, yea, they have taken root, They go on, yea, they have made fruit, Near [art] Thou in their mouth, And far off from their reins.”

A little research will reveal that reins is an old word for kidneys and that the kidneys in the Bible represent one’s deepest emotions. The word of God in the Bible is also at times compared to spiritual water or spiritual food. So it seems that what is healthy for the body is also healthy for our personality.

So it is important to be healthy in body and spirit. These recommendations will keep your kidneys in top shape and will serve you well. Take care of your kidneys and they will take care of you.


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