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Why Didnít God Destroy Adam and Eve When They Sinned?
Published By 1hopefulman on 2012-09-12 700 Views

Some have wondered why God didn’t destroy Adam and Eve when they sinned and start over again with a new couple. He certainly could have done that but He didn’t. Why?

God may have his own reason why He did things the way He did. Let me share how I have come to understand the events. One reason could have been that there was something to salvage. How is that? Let me use use an illustration that I have come up with to explain how I understand the situation.

Let’s say you have a fruit that develops a bit of rot. What would you do? What could you do?

1. You could throw the whole fruit away.

2. You could eat the whole fruit, rot and all.

3. You can cut the rotten part and eat the rest.

So what did God choose to do? The penalty for disobedience and rebelliousness was death. In His compassion, God had Adam and Eve live a while. He allowed them to have children. Adam and Eve, to pay for they sin, eventually died and paid the penalty for disobedience.

However, by allowing Adam and Eve to have children, God was able to save some of mankind since not all of their descendants have turned out to be rotten like their parents.

This way of handling matters proved something else? What is that?

That God had not made a mistake in the way He created Adam and Eve. There was nothing wrong with his creation. It was simply a matter of choice. God gave man the freedom to choose whether he wants to live in harmony with God’s ways or not. Adam and Eve decided that they would not submit to God’s ways.

However, many of their offspring have chosen to live by God’s commandments.

There’s another reason that God migt have as to why He handled things that way.

Had God destroyed Adam and Eve before they could have children, it would have given Satan the Devil a victory. History would have shown that Satan had completely stopped one of God’s projects.

By allowing Adam and Eve to have children and eventually filling the earth with obedient children of Adam and Eve, this shows that God can never be defeated.

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