How Did Greed Grow In The Garden Of Eden?

What really happened in the Garden of Eden? Did greed grow in the Garden of Eden? Was greed at work in the Garden of Eden?

What is greed? The best definition that I have heard is that greed is desire out of control. We all have desires. But, when we allow them to get out of control then we have greed.

How bad is greed? It’s disastrous. It is trouble with a capital T. It is probably one of the sources of evil. According to 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, greed can keep us out of the kingdom of God.

Greed caused Adam and Eve

to lose paradise, life and everything else. What a loss? What a shame?

How did greed originate? Greed originated with none other than Satan the Devil when he allowed his desire to be like God to get out of control. He wanted to decide what was good and what was bad. He wanted to be independent of God. He wanted to answer to no one but himself.

Then he went on a selling spree. Then he started selling greed in the Garden of Eden. His first human customer to whom he tried to sell greed was Eve. He approached the younger and less experienced citizen of the Garden of Eden.

The first customer bought! Satan made a sale. Satan convinced Eve that she would be better off if she decided for herself what was good and what was bad. Later she convinced Adam to side with her and forget his Creator.

Eve was cleverly seduced into making a purchase and thoroughly deceived that she had bought a product that would work. That by eating of the forbidden fruit, she would live forever and ever after, in eternal bliss, without having to pay any rent to the Owner of the paradise and the Giver of life.

Satan said through the serpent, look! I’m on the tree. Am I dead? You will not die!

If one jumps from a tall building, they will not die the minute they jump but will eventually.

Why go against God? Who gave Eve the paradise? Who gave her life?

Why turn her back of her Creator? Why would someone that had given her so much lie to her?

Greed has blinded many, starting with Eve.

Have you ever made a bad decision? Have you ever made a bad choice? Have you ever bought a product that is deceitfully advertised and fails in all expectations? This one was a whopper of a bad decision and bad choice!

Satan is now on a massive sales campaign of selling greed. It takes on so many forms but in the end it is just as disastrous as it was for Adam and Eve.

Money! Keep on accumulating money, no matter how much one has. One never has enough money. Get more. One has more, then get even more.

Adultery! Why be satisfied with one mate. Get more. Don’t even tell them. Cheat behind their back. It’s more fun that way. Who cares who gets hurt? You need to satisfy your selfish passions. Just satisfy your selfish need, your greed!

Sex! It’s all about sex. Sex, sex and more sex! Any sex, any kind of sex, anytime, anywhere, anyhow! The more sex, the better! A pregnancy occurs, just abort. AIDS, forget about it we have pills. Premarital sex, we have pills and condoms. And so it goes. Greed is out of control.

However, let’s wake up to reality! Let’s not be deceived! Let’s uproot this gangrene of a weed which is greed. If we don’t, we are dead!

What really happened in the Garden of Eden? Greed was made to appear desirable. Adam and Eve bought it and they lost everything and died. They are dead! Greed out of control brings forth death.

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I am a researcher, a writer, a poet and most important a truth-seeker in all subjects and matters under the sun. My favorite, all-time book is the Holy Bible.This is what I like to write about. Please visit often and see what I have discovered.

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