You And I Together, For Eternity

Have you ever met someone and wondered how beautiful life could be, if you could spend eternity together in Paradise? This song is for lovers and for friends. This song is for all the dreamers.

You and I Together, for Eternity

I’m thinking of you
And what paradise could be
If we were friends forever
For eternity

Imagine such a world
Imagine each day
You and I together
For eternity

Please say yes
Please don’t break my heart
You and I together
For eternity

You and I together
For eternity

This is a song that I wrote.

I wrote this song in five minutes, lyrics and

tune. I have a terrible memory and I had to quickly record it. However, I had lent my tape recorder to a friend and they never returned it yet. So how could I record it? What could I do so I wouldn't forget it? I have written many poems but this was the first song, so it is very special to me.

The only way I could quickly record it before I forgot the tune was to put it as a phone message. So for the next few days, until I figure out what to do with it, or how to put it on YouTube, then whoever phones me will have to put up with me singing this song.

Several people have already listened to it and I got some favorable comments. So I have a friend that knows a professional

entertainer and singer and I asked her to see if she could contact her and have her listen to my song to see it she wants to use it. Let’s see if anything happens!

Now, how did this song come about?

The wheels started rolling when I unexpectedly encountered a friend that I had a crush for some years back. I hadn’t seen her for a couple of years.

Last night I went to a large get-together and some of my friends sang some songs. Nobody asked me to sing but this morning I composed the song with the above lyrics. I may one day post my song on YouTube for the world to hear, if I can figure it out how to do it. Who knows? It might be a hit!


Citation: personal experience and inspiration.

Update Feb. 28, 2013: I got my friend to listen to the song that she inspired and she thought it was beautiful and accepted to be my friend forever, but just friends. That's fine with me.

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