Why You Should Make Friends With Your Neighbors?

Why should we make friends with our neighbors? Are there advantageous to making friends with our neighbors? Are there advantages to having some friends close by? Definitely, let me tell you why!

Years ago, most people knew the neighbors and were on friendly basis. Today it is surprising to see how many people hardly know their neighbors. Somehow it seems that we lost touch with the people closest to us. We get out of our house, we get in the car and off we go. We get out of our car, we get in our house and we watch television or

are on the phone or computer till we go to bed.

But just like a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush so a friend at hand is worth two far away! At times it is urgent and convenient to have someone close by to fill some need.

You may need some help with a health emergency. You may need a quick boost because your battery

is dead, or may need an item quickly. So if one has friends nearby, the emergency can be met rather quickly. And it is much easier to disturb someone with whom you have friendly relations as opposed to a total stranger.

Let’s say the weather is not so favourable, it is much easier to visit someone close by rather than one who lives some distance. So you can save time and resources like gasoline. And with the price of gasoline these days, maybe the time has come to have a few friends close by, right in our neighborhood.

So don’t limit yourself to only having friends some distance from where you live. With a little effort you may find that it is not so hard to make a few friends right in your own neighborhood. At times, a friend at hand may be worth two some distance away.

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