Why We Should Not Procrastinate When It Comes To Making Important Decisions?

Why we should not procrastinate when it comes to making important decisions? There are some decisions that cannot be put off. Indecisiveness at times can be costly. Why is it important to be decisive and not indecisive? If a decision is important to make, then it should be made as soon as possible.

The decisive person looks at the facts, weighs the pros and cons, takes the bull by the horns and makes a decision. The indecisive person is unsure or afraid or can’t decide and procrastinates or is waiting for someone else to make his decisions.

Why should one be decisive

and not indecisive?

A simple illustration may help us realize as to why we should make decisions and not procrastinate and be indecisive.

There is a story told that once a fish, a bird, a fox, and a duck were having a discussion as to what they would do in the situation that a lion made an appearance. The fish quickly answered that it would jump in the lake and swim away. The bird answered that it would lose no time and fly away. The fox said that it would run as fast as possible and get away. The duck boasted that it could swim, fly or run away.


day the lion appeared. The fish lost no time in swimming away. The bird took flight in a hurry. The fox ran as fast as possible to get away from the lion. And the duck became a nice meal for the lion.

What happened?

While the duck was trying to decide whether to swim, fly or run away, the lion gulped it down. Indecision or procrastination cost the duck its life.

This story illustrates the importance of making certain important decisions wisely and quickly. In some matters, procrastination or indecisiveness is not a good option. It also illustrates the importance of thinking ahead about the options and possibilities and consequences and making the decisions long before there is a need for making a decision. Why? Because the day may come when we will have to act quickly and there might be no time to analyze what to do and what would be the best option.

So, in life, it is important to think ahead and decide way ahead as to what to do in case an eventuality might suddenly present itself.

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