Why I Love John Mayerís Song: The Heart Of Life?

I first heard this beautiful song when my brother was watching the movie “Ghosttown." The movie has a happy ending and I love happy endings!

Even though I don't believe in the kind of ghosts portrayed in the movie; I still loved the romantic story with the happy ending. Like John Mayer, in my heart of hearts, I believe that this whole world mess that we must deal with each and every day will one day have a happy ending, like in the movie.

The song "The Heart of Life" also reflects my own deep convictions. Life was created to be good.

It has been messed up by selfishness and greed but love will win out in the end. Of course the happy ending will not come without work and sacrifice and without a huge world change that only God can bring about but it is held out for all of us to grab, if we really want it. The song is on YouTube and John Mayer sings it with heart and conviction and sings it beautifully.

Have you

seen the movie?

Have you heard the song? Have you read the lyrics? It is a beautiful song sung with heart and conviction and it has a beautiful message of the importance of love and friends.

Do you believe life can have a happy ending?

The movie was really a romantic comedy, not a scary movie. When one believes in God, then we know that all will end well, no matter how bad things get in this old world that will soon be replaced. The sun will shine after the storm passes!

When we look at the world around us, it is a mess. We see oppression. We see suffering. We see pain. We see tears. Yet, I am convinced that a happy ending awaits the right kind of people. A new world is on the horizon! As John Mayer sings “I know the heart of life is good.”

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