Why Does God Kill When He Tells Us Not To Kill?

Why does God kill? Why does He break his own commandment? Didn’t He tell us in Exodus 20:13 (King James Version) “Thou shalt not kill?”

Let’s illustrate it this way. Let’s compare God to a doctor. Let’s say someone infected you will a deadly virus. Without the help of a doctor you would die. You go to the doctor for help and he helps you by killing the virus. Is it wrong for the doctor to kill the virus? No, because by killing the virus which causes death, he preserves the person who was infected and future children that might be


Let’s now apply the illustration to what happened to humanity. The Devil infected humanity by creating a virus, sin, when he got Adam and Eve to disobey God. Sin produces death.

Just like the doctor killing the virus to preserve the life of a person, God kills wicked people that are incorrigible to preserve humanity on the planet and their progeny.


God kills people, like the time of the flood or as in Sodom and Gomorrah, He kills people only because they are incorrigible. God can read hearts so He does not err in judgement.

It may also be that the King James translation did not translate Exodus 20:13 correctly. Notice how some other translations read: Exodus 20:13 (New International Version) “You shall not murder.”
Is there a difference between the word “kill” and the word “murder?” I think there is. What do you think?

So when God kills it serves a good purpose. He kills to protect the human race from possible extinction because evil uncontrolled would bring the end of humanity just like a virus uncontrolled would cause the death of a human.

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