Why Do Some People Have A Fear Of Flying?

Many people love flying! They wouldn’t travel any other way.

However some people wouldn’t be caught dead in an airplane. Why is that? Why do some have a fear of flying?

Here are a few explanations as to why some might be afraid of flying.

Some people prefer to do their flying in their dreams. They love these kind of dreams where they are flapping their arms and up they go. Or they are able to jump really high and then my moving their feet they are able to fly. Some people will go no further than this when it comes to

flying. They have no fear of flying in their dreams but even then, at times, they have fallen off their bed.

Some people have watched too many episodes of the popular TV program Mayday. Week after week they have seen an airplane crash or a program of one that almost did crash but it was averted only through a miracle. After watching too many episodes of this program, they have come to believe that there are many airplane crashes happening all the time.

Some people have a control freak mentality. They might fly if they were the pilot. If someone else is flying the airplane then forget it. These kind of people hate to be a passenger in any vehicle, including an automobile.

Some people have heard too many news reports about airplane crashes. Example: The Air France Airbus A330 Jet crash that killed all 228 people on board. Too many news reports about these kind of events convince them that they are better off walking to their destination.

Some people just don't have the stomach for flying. They don't even like to be in an elevator or

also have a fear of heights. They didn't ask for this fear, it is just the way it is. They need to put to sleep then put on a plane, and awakened only when they are safe at their destination. At the same time, it would help if pleasant dreams of flying are part of the air travel experience.

Some people are waiting till they perfect the transporter. They find that this is a much faster way of getting to a distant spot. Then they can get precisely where they have to go without the hassles of body searches and scanning and frisking and whatnot. Beam me up Scotty!

Some people dream of being Superman, Wonder Woman or the Green Lantern. And until they somehow inherit some miraculous flying powers, their fear of flying is not going away any day soon. As Superman, even if they crash they still have nothing to worry about. Isn’t it great to be able to fly, fly at no cost, avoid all the custom hassles and also have invulnerability in case of bad weather? Now that’s the way to fly!

Do you know of any other reason why some have a fear of flying? If you know of any other reason why some have a morbid fear of flying please leave a comment.

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