Who Or What Is The Source Of Happiness?

There are different degrees, levels or stages of happiness depending on the sources we tap into. So, who or what are the sources of happiness?

What is the first source of happiness?

We can be a source of happiness. We do not need anyone else. We can find happiness within ourselves through the attitude and the frame of mind we develop. We can be happy with that and go through life happily contended. This kind of happiness can last our lifetime and benefit only ourselves. We might find that enough and good for us!

What is the second and higher source of


Or we might want to go to a higher level! This higher level comes when we get happiness and even more important when we give happiness. Why is that? Because we were designed that way! Think of a mother when she gives to her child that she loves. Think of a saint that devotes his life to helping other people. They were already happy but find that happiness expands or increases by engaging in such activity.

Some have come to think that happiness is not a product but a by-product. In other words it results as a by-product of doing something else. If you are doing something that promotes the welfare of other people then more happiness results.

What is the ultimate source of happiness?

The highest level of happiness is when God enters the picture. This is where we reach the highest pinnacle. If you

are doing something that pleases God, then the greatest happiness results. This kind of happiness involves three parties: ourselves, others and God. This is probably the true trinity, where three are better than one or the two.

How can we know if what is stated here is true?

Just look around and see who the happy people are? What is the source of their happiness? Alcohol or drugs? Or does it come from something that is not destructive, something better and more permanent than that? See how many sources of happiness they have tapped into? One, two, or three?

Those who tap into the highest source of happiness will be happy not just in this life but in the next one: the eternal life.

Here you have all the important, major sources of happiness. Think of a mighty river. Where it starts, it will be just a little bit of water but as it goes along it picks us more and more water till it becomes a great river. We do the same!

How much happiness do we want? The more sources we tap into the greater the happiness we will enjoy! The more happiness we have, the longer it will last!

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