Where Does One Get A Solid And Reliable Hope For The Future?

Is it important to have a solid and reliable hope?

Imagine two cancer patients in the same hospital. One is told that there is nothing more they can do for him. While the other is told that there is a new drug that’s going to be available soon that has a lot of potential and that they want to try on him. One is given no hope, while the other is given some hope. Do you think there will be a difference in the morale and outlook of these two patients? Is hope important?

How important is hope?

Hope can make a real

difference in the morale and outlook of a person. That is why we often try to encourage another person by saying: I hope things get better soon or don’t lose hope!

What is hope? How can hope be defined?

Hope is having a desire for something better and having the expectation of the desire being fulfilled or realized at some point in time in the near future. A concrete example would be: I hope I get a job soon or I hope I will pass my


Where does one get a solid, reliable hope for the future?

While there may be some hope from many sources like: governments, education, science, the medical care system. A real, solid, and reliable hope for the future can only come from an Almighty God that has the power and the wisdom to permanently change things for the better.

In the Bible, hope is always something positive and attached to God who will make sure of the realization of that hope. For example: I have a hope that one day there will be no more wars or I have the hope of one day living in a paradise. Read Romans 15:4, 13.

I hope that you have a real, solid, and reliable hope of seeing a bright future and that hopefully soon, as the God of the Bible promises to all those that put their hope in him. This hope does not lead to disappointment.

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