Where Did Jesus Christ Come From?

Where did Jesus Christ come from? Do you know the complete answer to that question?

Did Jesus Christ come from Mary?

Yes, he was born from the womb of Mary. Mary gave birth to Jesus and he was born as we were, from a human mother.

Was a human father involved in the conception of Jesus Christ?

No, Jesus’ genetic code which contained his personality was miraculously transferred from heaven and placed in the womb of Mary by the Almighty God. This way, Jesus did not inherit a sinful nature or the tendency to do bad as we have. See Matthew 1:18; 20; 25


Jesus Christ come from heaven?

Yes, Jesus Christ is an extra-terrestrial, meaning he originated in heaven which is not a physical realm but a spiritual one. See John 1:14

How old is Jesus Christ?

Since he was produced as God’s first being then

he is older than universe and much older than that. See Proverbs 8:22-31

How did Jesus Christ originally come into existence in heaven?

We cannot know at this time. At Proverbs 8:22 which describe how he came into existence these words are used by different translations: possessed, created, formed, made, wielded, brought me forth, produced, etc. What exactly happened remains to be understood.

What is the importance of Jesus Christ in our life and in our future?

Why not get yourself a copy of the Bible and read for yourself why Jesus Christ has a valuable part to play in our present and everlasting life? See John 3:16

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