When Are You Really A Failure In Life?

When are you really a failure in life? At what point could one be declared a real failure in life? Does failure really exist?

An old proverb gives us a genuine clue as to what is a failure. The proverb states: “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” So in harmony with this wise proverb, one would only be a failure if they stopped trying. As long as one is trying then they cannot be declared a failure.

A couple of famous examples of people that kept on trying till they succeeded are Thomas Edison and Colonel Sanders. Apparently

Thomas Edison made thousands of attempts before the light bulb became a viable product. Colonel Sanders made over 1000 attempts before he found someone that would invest in his chicken recipe. These two individuals were not failures because they made many attempts, but kept on trying until they succeeded.

So, no one is a failure unless they give up and quit. If you believe in something, don’t stop. Keep on trying until you succeed!

Of course one

can give up and still not be a failure. How is that? Maybe he has come to the realization that a particular goal is not really worth any more attempts. He might reasonably conclude that a goal or objective is not worth pursuing any longer. This person is not a quitter because he merely moves on to another goal or objective.

An example to illustrate this would be: one is in love with a person, and after many attempts he just can’t seem to win their love. If that is the case, what is the use to keep trying? There are many others that one might pursue and win their affection and love and be loved. He has not quit. He just moves on to someone more worthy of his affection.

In conclusion: as long as one is trying then he is not a failure. So keep on trying until you succeed!

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