What Was Jesusí View Of People?

How did Jesus view people as opposed to those around him? Did he share the same view that the religious adherents of his day or even his disciples? What was Jesus’ view of people? How did Jesus view people?

There is an interesting passage in John chapter nine that shows the difference in point of views. In brief, the account goes like this. Jesus and his disciples come upon a man that was blind from birth. The disciples figure that this man is blind, either because he sinned or his parents sinned. So they viewed this man as a sinner. (John


In verse nine, the man’s neighbors speak of this man as a beggar. All they saw was a beggar!

The Pharisees or religious people viewed this man as a liar and did not believe that he had been born blind and that Jesus miraculously opened his eyes so that he could see. They even condemned Jesus for curing this blind man on the Sabbath. They even viewed Jesus as a sinner.

The religious leaders were so rigid and demanding that when they asked the blind man’s parents about his condition and cure, they dared not comment and brought out that the once-blind man was old

enough to answer for himself.

How did Jesus view the blind man? Jesus saw the blind man as an individual who needed help and cured him of this life-long and debilitating affliction.

What does this account tell us about the way Jesus viewed people? Jesus was a man of compassion. He did not overlook anyone because of their condition or status in the community. He viewed and accorded everyone dignity, including women and children. Jesus took the initiative to help people regardless of how others might view them.

What about us? Do we share Jesus‘ view of people that we encounter. Do we take the initiative to help those less fortunate? Do we show concern and compassion and are we moved to do something to relieve their suffering if we can? Do we reach out to all, no matter how others might view them? Do we think and view people as Jesus did?



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