What Should We Expect Out Of A Real Good Friend?

What would life be without a few good friends? Living on a deserted island without any friends is not my idea of paradise. I remember watching Gilligan’s Island when I was young and enjoying the show. But Gilligan had a few good friends on that paradise island. So we need good friends! What would be a good description of a good friend?

So, what really is a good friend? Isn’t it someone who you can trust, who is there for you, who supports you, who is loyal and watches your back?

A good friend is dependable and trustworthy. He can be counted

on when problems arise. When problems arise, he is like a brother. He does what he can to help, even if all he can do is give moral support. He does not abandon you when you need him the most. [1]

A real friend is genuine. He will not betray you or say something about you that is negative. He will highlight the positive qualities that you possess. A real good friend will keep confidential matters to himself. He does not reveal personal information. He is not out to hurt you but protects your reputation and your person. [2]

A genuine friend always has your best interests at heart. He will not be afraid to tell you the truth and warn

if he sees you take a course that may hurt you later. He is not afraid to speak his mind, even if you might not like what he has to say. Your welfare is his concern. He does not want to see you hurt. [3]

A good friend is someone that you can have interesting and boring conversations. It doesn’t matter; you enjoy being together and enjoy doing things together. With a good friend you have a lot in common; at least you have the important things of life in common. You can bounce ideas off each other and have fun seeing where these ideas are going.

You are never too busy when your good friend calls. Even if you are busy and can’t talk, you are able to tell them with the promise tat you will call back as soon as that matter is taken care of and you don’t forget to call them back as quickly as you can.

A good friend might be rare and they are very precious, they are worth their weight in gold!

[1]Proverbs 17:17
[2] Proverbs 18:24
[3]Proverbs 27:9

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