What Is The Relationship Of True Christians With The World Around Us?

Should we be friends of the world? Should we despise the world and live in separate isolated communities? What exactly is the relationship that we can have with this world?

How does God feel about the world? He loves the people and wants to help them but will destroy this world and replace it with a better world. (John 3:16; Matthew 24:3)

Why does God hate the world, which would be what the world promotes, the attitudes and lifestyles? The reason is that the world is opposed to living by God’s commandments and ways.

Who is the chief ruler of the world? None

other than Satan the Devil and his rebellious influence is seen everywhere. (1 John 5:19; 1 John. 2:15-17)

Jesus’ true disciples must not become a friend of the world, in the point that they become corrupt and adopt its bad ways. The world won’t like us because we are different. We don’t do the evil things this world does. If we become a friend of the world to the point that we blend in then we become an enemy of God.(John; James. 4:4 )

So, in conclusion, we too love the

people of the world and will do what we can to let our light shine so that they can see that they too don’t have to imitate the world in its evil ways.

Let’s say we are a young person in school, we go to school and make the best of the education we are given, but when it comes to smoking, taking drugs, immorality or other things that displease God, we stay clear of that.

The same would be true at work on any other setting. We are friendly but when we see a danger to our relationship with God, we take our leave.

We try to safeguard our relationship with God by adopting his view of what is proper behavior and conduct. We love what God loves and hate what He hates. (Psalm 97:10) We value our relationship with God above the friendship with the world and thus qualify and gain our citizenship in the New World to come.

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