What Life Lesson Can We Learn From The Principle Of Sowing Bountifully?

There are certain basic principles in the universe and in the Bible that teach us vital lessons that will help us succeed and make us happier. One of them is found in 2 Corinthians 9:6. This principle has to do with sowing bountifully or generously and reaping or harvesting in proportion, that is bountifully.

The results of doing the opposite, that is, sowing sparingly will also result in reaping sparingly. What practical application can one make in modern life? Where and why should we sow bountifully or in abundance so that the results come back in a generous amount?

Verse ten tells

us that God will reward us accordingly. So this principle encourages the avoidance of stinginess, tightfistedness, and selfishness. Instead, it promotes generosity, giving, and sharing with others.

God is our teacher!

Go out of the city on a clear night. Look up. What do you see? What do the billions of stars tell you? What do they teach you? Do you see God's generosity? Do you see God's generosity all around you? Yes, God is generous. What is He trying to teach us?

Let’s look at a farmer?

When a farmer goes into a field to sow, he sows abundantly so that he can have an abundant crop. It would be a mistake to just sow a few seeds and hope for a miracle. Nature just doesn’t work that way.

Now where in our life can we apply this principle?

Actually, we should apply this principle

in all areas of life such as work, school, family, etc.

Work: It is good to be a hard worker instead of just putting minimal effort. We should take as much interest as possible in learning the ins and outs of our assigned duties. Doing a little extra such as coming a bit earlier and not rushing off the minute quitting time arrives is just one way to sow abundantly..

School: How far do you think we will get if we have a bad attitude towards learning, listening carefully in class, and doing our best with the assignments we receive? School is a preparation for the rest of our life once we graduate, so the more we put in, the more we will get out.

Family: Family life has many challenges. To achieve success, it will depend on the generous amount of time, care and attention we give it. Our mate will need generous amounts of our love. Our children will need generous amounts of nurturing, commendation and praise.

Yes, the principle of giving generously, giving abundantly and avoiding giving sparingly will bring rich dividends in all areas of life.

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