What Happens When A Person Dies?

Thousands of people die every single day! It is only natural to wonder about what happens when a person dies?

Other related questions are: What is death? What happens at death? Is there life after death? They are all questions that we are curious about.

If one has ever seen a person die, it is evident that at death, from the physical point of view: life ends. Every physical function ends: speech, thought, and movement. If they were screaming in pain, their screaming ends. Eventually, the physical body completely decomposes. Truly one can say that from dust one came and to

dust that person returns.

There is no evidence that the dead continue living anywhere. There are parlour tricks but that is not evidence. If the dead lived on, there would be an abundance of concrete evidence, seeing how many victims death has claimed.

Why does a person that is suffering want to die? A person who is in pain or suffering wants to die so that the pain and suffering can end. That is a fact.

So what exactly happens when a person dies? It is just like when viewing a movie and you press the pause button. What happens? Everything stops. As long as the pause button is on, absolutely nothing will happen. You hear nothing and there is no further movement.

I remember going for a medical procedure where they gave me anaesthetics and knocked me out. What happened to me while in that state? Did I speak? Did I think? Did I move? No! When I was awakened, I remembered nothing that happened while I was out. If I had not been told, I would have had no knowledge of what

they had done to my body.

If I had been out for a year, I would have had to be told of any events that may have occurred.

Similarly, at death, all activities as far as we are concerned, end. We are unconscious. We cease to exist.

But just like the movie that we have paused, or a patient under anaesthetics, the dead can be brought back to life. Who can do that? Only God, the Creator of life. He has the ability and power to end life or restart it, if He chooses.

As sad as death is, it ends all suffering. Death, self-inflicted or caused by someone or something else, is nothing else but a life that has been put on pause. Death can be a temporary situation and not necessarily a permanent one.

So death is a temporary pause in life. It ends all activities, pain and suffering. We are unconscious until we are brought back to life, awakened, or reactivated by God. Where will that be? When will that take place? A more detailed answer to these questions are found in my other articles.

However, we are not too far away to the time when billions of people will be brought back to life. The dead will be brought back to life in an earth under new management and if they choose, they will never have to die again. This new world will be a place of delight, of peace and of love.

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I am a researcher, a writer, a poet and most important a truth-seeker in all subjects and matters under the sun. My favorite, all-time book is the Holy Bible.This is what I like to write about. Please visit often and see what I have discovered.

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