What Great Gifts Has God Given To Each One Of Us?

God is generous beyond human understanding. He has given us so many great gifts to make us happy. What are some gifts that he has given each one of us?

1) Himself (God). The greatest gift is the gift of himself. We all come from God. Not all humans understand or appreciate that, but everything comes from God and is part of God. We exist because of God. We breathe and live because of God.

2) Jesus Christ (his Son). His firstborn, the beginning of his ways, the greatest and most important creation: that is his Son. It will take us an

eternity to understand some of God’s gifts such as his Son.

3) The Bible. In this unique book, God reveals himself, He answers our questions and he tells us his purpose for the future. He tells where we come from, what we are and the potential that we have.

4) Hope. Some humans are depressed, discouraged over what man is doing to his fellow

humans and the planet. God however, gives us hope so that we can look beyond the present troubles. What we see and experience now is temporary. There is a better future. All righteous expectations will one day be fulfilled beyond our wildest dreams.

5) Life. Should life not be listed first? No, because without the other gifts, life, as wonderful a gift that it is, would be and is meaningless.

God loves to give. He has given us many great gifts. Can we also appreciate the need to be generous, to give of what we have to benefit others?

We need to meditate on all that God gives us. We need to ponder, grasp and absorb the meaning of that. Only then can be fully appreciate and benefit from all the great gifts that God has given us!

Citations: James 1:17; John 3:16

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