What Is Generosity And Why Is Generosity Paramount In Life? Part 2

As was discussed in Part 1, generosity is a quality of the Almighty God. It is one of his gifts to those who cultivate the right spirit. What exactly does it mean to be generous? How does being generous return to us with prosperity?

God has made it a fundamental principle of the universe that the generous one will be made fat (prosperous). (See Proverbs 11:25) A person, who is generous, gives with an open hand and is not stingy. The generous soul imitates God when it comes to giving. So, if you are generous with the universe, the universe will

be generous with you.

When a sower sows seeds, he does not sow one seed at the time; he sows abundantly and in return reaps abundantly. (See 2 Corinthians 9:6-7; Ecclesiastes 11:6))

The generous person gives constantly and not only on occasion. He is much like the sun and rain that bless the earth and are not selective as to where they fall. With this kind of spirit, we will be blessed abundantly in return.

You may never have thought about it but you are a product of generosity. You owe your life to generosity. How is that? The sperm that resulted in you being born was only one

sperm out of millions. Think about that?

It is generosity that sustains you. Think of the food that you eat? Try to think how many people were involved to produce, prepare and transport it so that it reached you? You can see how important generosity is to life!

Here are some other good ideas about generosity:

If you give, doing so not under compulsion and not begrudgingly, who know what one day will be given to you?

Giving can also be by simply showing interest in people and what they do or what they know and who knows what they might give you?

Generosity demands effort and sacrifice. The seed that produces the apple tree dies in a sense.

Will all generous attempts produce results? No! The other millions of sperm that did not produce you did not produce anything. But one sperm gave the world you!

So, do you appreciate what generosity can accomplish? Can you see what a wonderful gift God gave us? Have you understood how being generous is the key to getting everything we want and more?

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