What Does It Mean To Forgive?

We often hear that we should forgive. We often hear that we should forgive because God has forgiven us. Just exactly what does it mean to forgive?

First of all, forgiving does not mean that we condone or ignore or forget what was done. One should never condone wrongdoing. Doing that would only encourage it to continue. One should not ignore wrongdoing. It is best to let the person know that you do not appreciate that kind of conduct. Wrongdoing should not be forgotten. Remembering, will allow one to realize if a wrongdoing was an unfortunate mistake that can be forgiven

or a pattern of which one needs to be aware and beware.

Forgiving means that we pardon the offender. It means that we are not going to be resentful and hold was done continually against the offender. It means that we will not retaliate for what was done to us, that is if the harmful activity does not continue.

Some people are not aware of the harm they are doing and so repeatedly hurt others.

Such people may not understand what they are doing. So we may forgive but may need to keep our distance from such people. It might be best to avoid such people as much as possible.

Ephesians 4:32 tells us to forgive since God has forgiven us so much. When we forgive we become imitators of God and that is a fine way to become.

We also make mistakes and we may also need forgiveness one day. What we sow we shall reap. So if we want forgiveness then it is good to be forgiving.

There is much to learn about forgiveness, about what to forgive and when to forgive. Even God has a limit when it comes to forgiveness. Look at what He did in Noah’s day?

Let’s not have a distorted view of forgiveness, where everything is just forgiven. God doesn’t work that way and neither should we!

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