Marvel Of Creation, Design, And Nutrition: What Do You Know About The Banana?

And God went on to plant a garden and He made it so, that out of the ground there grew every kind of fruit tree, which were not only beautiful to look at but they produced delicious, delightful food and nourishment (see Genesis 2:8-9). Amongst this large variety of fruit trees there was also the beautiful banana which is a marvel of creation, design and nutrition. If an apple a day will keep the doctor away, just imagine what a banana will do? Have you eaten one, a few, or twenty or more today?

* The creation of the banana. Can

you just imagine the intelligence, wisdom, and love of our Creator that created the banana? God could have made one kind of banana, but as always, He teaches as that variety is the spice of life. So, He created it so that bananas come in many sizes and in a variety of tastes.

* The design of the banana. Take a close look at the banana, the next time you eat one? What is more beautiful and appealing than a ripe, yellow banana? It is made of a non-slip material and designed so that it fits comfortably in one’s

hand. However never throw a banana peel on the ground because stepping on the peel might lead to a nasty fall. Throw the peel in a garbage respectable or even better in a compost bin.

* The nutrition of the banana. Who does not know that bananas are rich in potassium? Studies show that potassium can help make strong bones and might lower the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. The banana contains 18 amino acids and all the essential ones. Just about anyone knows that when one needs some quick energy, a banana or more is an easy, quick way to get some extra energy in a hurry.

The decision of how many bananas to eat each day is a personal one. Some eat one or two a day and some eat many more.

Will you go bananas? As you can see from this short review there are a few good reasons to go bananas. Its delightful taste, easy availability, its inexpensiveness, and its abundant nutrition are all good reasons to eat some bananas daily, a marvel of creation, design and nutrition.

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