What Do You Do If You Are Attacked By A Dog?

You are minding your own business when suddenly you are facing a growling dog that is about to attack. What do you do? How do you deal with this potentially dangerous situation? What can one do to protect themselves when confronted by an attacking dog?

It seems that these days there are more and more dogs and some of them look pretty mean. Some of them are just barkers and are just trying to scare you. However, once in a while a dog will look like he wants to attack. What are some ways of dealing with this potentially dangerous situation?


have had a few close encounters and thankfully so far I have never been bitten yet. These are some things that I have done. It is always good to be prepared for such a situation and think in advance on how one will deal with an attacking dog.

I have been told to never run and that has worked well. Dogs can run much faster and one has little chance of outrunning a dog. It is best to come at a standstill or if there is more than one attacking dog, quickly move to a spot where your back is protected by putting yourself against a

wall, a pole, a door, or a fence.

If one runs, the dog will be encouraged to run after you and will feel confident of a victory in an attack. We don’t want to become an easy prey.

I have been told to not stare directly into a dog’s eyes. We don’t want the dog to think that we are challenging him. Talk to the dog in a friendly calm way and slowly walk backwards to a place of safety.

A friend of mine was attacked by a huge dog. He put his fist right down the dog’s throat and choked the dog. That is quite brave. I have talked to them in a friendly way and so far that has worked for me.

Hopefully you will never have to face an attacking dog but one never knows. Do some research and try to be prepared if ever you need to defend or protect yourself from a dangerous dog. Better to think ahead and be prepared than unprepared and become a victim of an attacking dog.

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