What To Do When You Are Betrayed By A Friend?

What to do when you are betrayed by a friend? Nothing hurts more than being hurt or betrayed by a friend. How do you handle this? Here there are a number of things to seriously consider!

Can you forgive? Is this an option? Has the friend apologized and tried to make amends? Do they take responsibility for what they have done? Were they such a good friend in the first place that they deserve a second chance? Since you are the one hurt, these are good questions to consider, but only you can make the call as to whether you will

forgive or not.

You may forgive them but things might never be the same again. That’s ok! Some serious damage may have taken place. There is a wound and though the wound might heal, there will always be a scar there to some degree or other.

You might decide to end this friendship and sever all contact. That’s ok too! You are the one that has been hurt

and only you know the depth of the pain. Even if you forgive them, you still might want to end all contact, as you know that you can never trust them again. You might not be able to bear the thought that the same thing could happen again.

What if you might have to some contact for some reason or another? Some form of civility may be in order but the close friendship is over. They have lost the standing of being a friend and from now on they have no special place in your life and in your heart. There are consequences of betraying a friend and they must now live with that.

When one is betrayed by a friend, only the betrayed person can decide what kind of relationship they will have with the former friend in the future. All others should respect the decision!

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