What Do Muslims Think About The Tv Show “little Mosque On The Prairie”?

Assalam Aleikum! I mean no disrespect. I am just curious. If this article is offensive in any way; I will be only too happy to remove it. However I do hope that it does not disturb the feelings of anyone. I was just wondering: what do Muslims think about the show “Little Mosque on the Prairie”?

I am not a Muslim but have watched just about every episode. I am a Christian but of a different group than the one portrayed in the show.

Still, I have found Little Mosque on the Prairie to be well written, entertaining, comedic and enjoyable. I

have also found the show refreshing when compared with many other programs that are shown to entertain us. I have also found it to be educational. It also teaches some good moral values that all religious people should display towards people of nother religion.

I cannot say, if the Muslims portrayed and the way the characters behave and practice their religion on the

show is a true reflection of the Muslim community and of their beliefs.

Nevertheless, I think it must be very accurate or at least I would like to think so. I do have some Muslim neighbors where I live, in a huge city in Canada, where the show originated and is filmed. I see Muslim families having picnics in the park I frequent. They seem to be very similar to the characters portrayed on Little Mosque on the Prairie. Still, I have never asked any of them if they watch the show or what are their feelings on it?

I would be very happy to get some comments from Muslims on what they think of Little Mosque on the Prairie? Do Muslims in general approve of Little Mosque on the Prairie and how accurate is the show is in portraying Muslims in general? Assalam Aleikum!

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