What Can We Learn From The Fact That Jesus Prayed?

Have you ever wondered why Jesus prayed? Just why did Jesus pray? What lessons can we learn from Jesus praying and from his prayers?

Why did Jesus pray? Jesus prayed to give thanks to his Father for all of his provisions, whether it was food, the air that he breathed or the birds and the flowers. Jesus recognized where everything came from and acknowledged it by thanking his Heavenly Father Jehovah, the Almighty God.

Jesus prayed for wisdom, for guidance in the decisions that he was making. Jesus needed God’s guidance. He needed God’s help in all that he did.

Jesus sought strength

from God. God is the source of strength and he gives the power to accomplish his will. Jesus was and is not the Almighty God, as the Almighty God does not need to thank himself or ask himself for help or advice.

What can we learn from the prayers of Jesus? What would the fact that Jesus prayed teach us? Jesus loved to communicate with his Father. If on occasion, he spent the whole night in prayer, what was he telling God? Obviously, he told God everything in detail. How he must have enjoyed these quiet times talking to his Father!


is it important to pray through Jesus?
He is the mediator or go-between us and the Father. So we must pray to God through Jesus Christ, as that is the arrangement for our benefit that God has made. In fact, Jesus can add weight to the intensity of our expressions. Using Jesus’ name has a lot of weight!

Did Jesus pray for different reasons than we do? No, because his Father is our Father. So we also need to pray for exactly the same reasons. Jesus is an example for us in all things, including the privilege of prayer, of communication with our Heavenly Father.

By examining the Bible record, we can get a good picture as to just why Jesus prayed and learn valuable lessons as to why we should pray, for what we should pray and how we should pray so that our prayers are answered by the Almighty God, the One that can grant all our petitions in harmony with his will.

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