What Are Some Practical Items To Keep In The Car In Case Of An Emergency?

What are some items that one should keep in the car for emergencies? Of course one would wish to have everything in the car for when it is needed. Of course there are some items that are absolute necessary like a spare tire and items that would be needed to change a flat tire, some flares to warn that the car is stopped and a little medical emergency kit.

Here are some other handy items:

Extra Band-Aids, as they always come in handy for small cuts when not at home and travelling.

A container of windshield wiper fluid as one never wants to

run out of that in messy weather or muddy or slushy roads and always try to make sure the container under the hood is always full.

Always keep a couple of spare pens in the glove compartment as one might need to write something important and a little notepad to write on.

A full

box of paper tissue to keep nose, mouth and hands clean is definitely important and useful.

A few plastic bags for garbage disposal is always appreciated.

Good to keep a few basic tools like a hammer, a few screwdrivers, a monkey ranch, etc.

A map of the city comes in handy many times.

A small scissor for cutting a few hairs or loose threads and a nail clipper has at times been much appreciated and been a lifesaver.

These are some of the things that I appreciate making sure that they are always in my car for emergencies. What a relief it has been when something came up and I had exactly what was needed to get out of a sudden situation. Happy motoring!

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