What Are The Rewards And Merits Of Hard Work?

Yes, sometimes we get the breaks. However, every successful person will tell you that you won’t get far if you don’t learn to appreciate the need to work hard.

Do you think an athlete will win a gold medal by being lazy, sitting around the house watching television and sleeping half the day and partying all night? No, winning a gold medal and the honors that go with it are the result of hard work in intensive training.

Yes, life is about hard work and there are rewards and merits to working hard. What are some of them?

One of the wisest men

that ever lived, King Solomon, said that hard work allows a man to eat, drink and rejoice. Yes, hard work allows a man to be able to do that because his hard work has given him the means to do that. Yes, balanced eating, drinking and rejoicing are some of the rewards and benefits of hard work.

On the other hand, laziness has brought many an individual: poverty, loss of dignity and boredom.

So, why should we work


Working hard is a fine way to relive boredom. Especially if we become passionate about working hard and really put our heart into the work.

Rarely do we see people that are hard workers come into poverty. Even if they lose an employment, because they are hard workers it is usually not too long before they find other employment. Since they are accustomed to working hard, they then work just as hard at locating another job, and their endeavors often bring quick results.

Hard workers maintain their dignity. They do not need to feel ashamed as they are productive and contribute to the good of their company, their family and society.

The Bible presents God and Jesus Christ as hard and relentless workers. (John 5:17) They are good examples to us and we do well to imitate them. So, instead of taking it easy, work hard!

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