What Are The Pitfalls Of Trusting In Riches?

There is nothing wrong with having money or being rich. Of course, we should have acquired it legally and without hurting anyone. However, there are some pitfalls that we should all be aware of. What are some of the pitfalls of trusting in riches?

Having wealth can give someone a greater measure of freedom and add some security to a person’s life. However we have to realize and be aware of the important limitations of wealth. What are some of these limitations and pitfalls?

* Too much confidence in the power of wealth can leave us disillusioned when it doesn’t live up

to all we thought it could do. While it might extend one’s life a bit longer at times, nevertheless it has limitations. The rich die as well as the poor and they may not necessarily live longer. Some, even with great wealth could not extend their lives, even though they could afford the best medical care that mankind has at their disposal.

* Being absorbed in making or caring for riches may take up so much of their time

that they have little time for family, friends and even God. Their wealth may just keep them too busy to make time for some things that actually have more value long-term than material riches. There is a parable that is well worth reading in Luke 12:16-21.

* Wealth can also make us arrogant and proud and make us think too much of ourselves. It can ruin our good character, to the point of where we might think that because of our riches, we are better than others and that laws do not apply to us.

Those are some of the pitfalls. However, if we are aware of them and alert, none of those negative ways have to be our ways. We can use our riches to do many good and kind deeds for others. We can gain the deep satisfaction of using our wealth and their power to do things that would bring God’s approval and blessing.

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