What Are The Joys And Benefits Of Parents Reading Their Children Bedtime Stories?

There are tremendous joys when parents read their children bedtime stories. There are long-lasting benefits to parents and children when stories are read at bedtime. What are the joys and benefits of parents reading their children bedtime stories? Why is it crucial for parents to read their children bedtime stories every single night?

Why is bedtime the very best time for parents to spend time with their children?

At night, when children are in bed, just before they go to sleep, is the most intimate time for parents to spend time with their children. The children are in their warm and comfortable

beds. They are clean. They really don’t want to go to sleep. It is the last thing before ending the day. A heart-felt prayer, a bedtime story or two, a hug, a kiss, an “I love you!”

Is there a better way for a child to end the day, feeling special and feeling loved by their mom or dad or both? This is the time that precious memories are formed. This is the time that the best parent-child bonding takes place.

What important benefits are absorbed by children when bedtime stories are read?

Reading to a child, especially at bedtime, when the distractions are minimized, enhances children’s language abilities.

Children learn from hearing and repetition. They sometimes want to hear a story often and soon have memorized the story. They learn not only from hearing but from the modulation, the sense stress, and the emotions that a parent puts in the reading.

As they hear and learn new words, they soon learn to use these words in their sentences and in their communicating.

Reading bedtime stories helps children develop motor skills, both mental and physical.

The children’s physical motor skills, as when they are holding a book, turning the pages with the proper amount of strength so that they do not tear the pages, is an important development in their growth . They learn balance and coordination as they hold their heads and move their eyes as they focus on the pictures or words that you point out to them.

Just imagine the “wheels” in their brains start to move as they try to grasp the meaning of what you are reading

as they hear the different words, as they try to pronounce the words silently and verbally, also the movements of their tongues, their lips, and their mouth.

Reading bedtime stories to your children sharpens their memories because of repetition. As they hear certain words and phrases over and over, they soon learn to memorize.

Reading bedtime stories reinforces that reading is a pleasurable activity.

As parents pour their hearts into the reading and as they express various feelings, it teaches a child the marvels or reading and the wealth of information found in books. They learn to love books. A child who enjoys reading is never bored and they always have something to do and somewhere to visit or adventures to experience.

If parents love reading, usually children follow in the parent’s footsteps. They also learn to love to read and the value of learning by reading.

Get close to your children by daily reading bedtime stories!

So the next time you hear your child say, “Daddy, please read me a bedtime story” or “Mommy, please read me a bedtime story,” forget your tiredness or any other activity you are busy with, as there is nothing at that moment that is more important. Don’t put it off. Do it!

Don’t miss enjoying this great time that you can be with your child and because there are so many benefits to reading your children bedtime stories. You are giving them vital and valuable instruction that will last a lifetime. You are making memories that will warm your heart for eternity!

Personal note: The times spend reading to my children are some of my fondest memories. My children loved Bible stories and I made them come alive for them (2Timothy 3:14-15 Deuteronomy 6:6-7).

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