Water- One Important Pillar To Good Health

Most everything is made up of different components. To have good health there are different components and water is certainly one of them.

What kind of water? How much water? When is the best time to drink the water?

What is the best water to drink?

The best water to drink is pure water. Which water would that be? One has to look around and see what kind of water is available where they live and drink the best water that they can find. Some feel that distilled water is the best water because it has nothing in it but water; all impurities

have been completely removed.

How much water should one drink?

This can vary depending on our size, the weather conditions and what we are doing. A good average rule is a minimum of six to eight glasses per day. In the summer when it is hot, it is good to drink more. Also we should drink more when we are exercising or doing heavy work.

When is the best time to drink the water?

For sure the first thing we should put into our body the

first thing in the morning is at least a minimum of two glasses of water. Then half an hour before each meal we should drink another two glasses. Waiting a half an hour after drinking the water will give the body time to do with the water what it has to do with it.

Why is water the beverage of choice?

While at times we might drink something else, the best liquid to drink is water. Does not nature teach us that? What is the most abundant liquid in the world? What do we wash with? Would we feel clean washing the outside of body with something else? Might then drinking water not be in our best interest?

We cannot live long without water so let us make sure we drink the best water available and enough each day so that we can maximize our health.

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