A United World: Is It Just A Dream Or Will There Be A United World One Day?

Many have dreamed of seeing the world unite. Some have tried to unite the world by conquest or by ideology. We can think of the Caesars and the Roman Empire, Alexander the Great, the Catholic Church, communism, democracy, the United Nations, etc. Still, the world seems as disunited as ever. Will there ever be a united world or is it just a dream?

A united world: would that not be an amazing achievement? Think of it: mankind united as one loving cooperative family. No more wars, no more fighting, no more borders, just to mention a few of the benefits of

a united world.

Man may have the desire but does he have what it takes to make a united world a reality? If we were to use history or today’s reality to judge whether man can do it, it would look like the idea of a united world will remain in the realm of dreams.

However, about 2500 years ago, the inspired words of Psalm 72:8 were penned. Psalm 72:8 (KJV) “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.”

This Psalm is a prophecy or a future prediction of one day, under the rulership God’s Son, Jesus Christ, there would be a united world and as verse

seven shows, there would also be an abundance of peace.

World unity and world peace, two wonderful conditions, both would exist under the rulership of God’s Son, Christ Jesus. God will give him all that he needs in order to bring this blessed state to reality.

How will God unify the world? What is God’s plan to unite the world? Here is an illustration that I’ve heard. When someone wants to make a necklace of fine pearls, wow does he do it?

He will look for pearls and then examine them one by one. He will select only the fine pearls and will reject the unsuitable ones. Yes, he needs to be choosy and selective.

God does a similar process. This is often mentioned in the Scriptures. Here are a few references; Matthew 13: 40-42 and 47-50; Matthew 25: 31-46.

Since the Scriptures do not lie, then we can have the assurance that one day soon there will be a dramatic change in the world and god will ensure that a united world will not be just a dream but a genuine reality.

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