Is The Trinity Doctrine A Bible Teaching?

Is the doctrine of the trinity really found in the Bible? Is the trinity doctrine really a Bible teaching?

Let’s be honest and reasonable. If God was a trinity, would he not have described himself as a trinity? Would he leave such an important matter to some humans to come up with it? As anyone who reads the Bible can know, the word trinity is not found in the Bible, not even once.

Let’s take the example of God being Almighty. Is it found in the Bible? Yes, over 50 times! The expression God Almighty or Almighty God is found 7 times.

(See Genesis 17:1, Exodus 6:3) God does not need us to define him. He can do a good job of doing that himself.

In the definition of the trinity, it calls Jesus, God the Son. Does this expression find itself within the pages of the Bible? Again no! The expression that if found in the Bible is the Son of God. Definitely a big difference between the two expressions!

In fact, God has many sons but Jesus is the first-born Son, therefore deserves special recognition. (See Job 38:7, Colossians 1:15) When one reads the Bible they find out that Jesus is much more than just being the first-born, but that’s another subject.

In John 17:3, in prayer to his Father, Jesus calls his Father, the only true God. While there are many gods, no one matches the Father when it comes to Godship. The Father is in a unique, unmatchable position. Jesus is in second position!

Is Jesus a god? Just

like a son of man is a man, a son of God is a god or god-like. Jesus is not the Almighty God but only a Mighty God. (See Isaiah 9:6)

Is the expression God the Holy Spirit found in the Bible? Again, no such thing!

Think of this: If we gave a well-translated Bible to a 100 people that had not been taught the unscriptural trinity doctrine, how many would come with the trinity doctrine? The Bible was made for every human, therefore any simple person that desires to know God will get a pretty good idea of what God is and who he is.

I would encourage everyone to make it a practice to read the Bible daily and everyone that has the desire to know God will get to know him because God is actually searching and helping all such individuals.

In Jesus’ day, few of the highly educated accepted him as the Messiah. Most of those that did so were common people. No one has an advantage over the other. It all has to do with what is really in our hearts. God reads hearts and sees what’s in it and acts accordingly.

So we find that the trinity doctrine is defined by expressions that are not found in the Bible. Definitely, the trinity doctrine is not found in the Bible!


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