Helpful And Practical Tips For Getting Or Going To Bed Early

We all know that there are many benefits for going or getting to bed early. There are health benefits, attitude benefits, wealth benefits, etc. In spite of all the benefits, many have a hard time to go or get to bed early and therefore are not getting enough sleep. Here are some helpful and practical tips for getting or going to bed early:

1) Make it your determination or goal to work on this till you are able to get or go to bed early and are able to get up early.

2) Tell all your friends that from now on you

are an early bird: that you go to bed early and wake up early. Tell all your friends your goal and tell them to call you early in the morning instead of late at night from now on.

3) Try to eat your supper as early as possible and do not eat after that. Digestion takes a lot of energy and it’s hard to get a good night’s rest when you are still digesting food. Some have found that not eating after 6 PM very beneficial.

4) Brush and floss your teeth shortly after supper. This

way you are ready for bed if you start to feel sleepy.

5) If you can get in bed by 10 PM; that would be excellent. Try not to go to bed after 11 PM.

There are proverbs that extol the wisdom and benefits of going to bed and getting up early, like: early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise and the early bird gets the worm. However, have you heard any proverbs about the wisdom and benefits of going to bed late or getting up late?

Many have found that if they go to bed early, they sleep better and feel so much better in the morning. They often get out of bed early and so accomplish so much more during the day. The benefits of going or getting to bed early are well worth the effort to get into this worthwhile routine. Nighty-nite and pleasant dreams!

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