Time Travel: Is It Possible, Is It Of Any Value, And Is It Desirable?

While this article is pure speculation, it does raise some fascinating questions and angles about time travel. Is time travel possible? What would be the value of time travel, and would time travel be desirable?

From the Bible book of Ecclesiastes: chapter three is most famous, interesting and most fascinating. An American folk rock band called the Byrds, covered a song written earlier by Pete Seeger, and it became an international hit.

The song is, better known as “Turn, Turn, Turn,” almost taken word for word from the first eight verses of chapter three of Ecclesiastes. The first line is: “To every

thing (turn, turn, turn) there is a season (turn, turn, turn), and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

While that is interesting, there is however an even more interesting and fascinating verse in that chapter and it is verse fifteen. The verse seems to imply that what will happen has already happened.

Here is a quotation: Ecclesiastes 3:15 (KJV) “ That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.”

Is it saying that the future has already happened? The context could imply that whatever God has purposed for the future, it is as if it already happened because God can ensure that all He wants done will be done as no one can stop him.

Could there be more to the verse? Could the future already be happening?

Your guess is as good as mine! However, a question that has always intrigued me is that since the Bible has recorded a number of events that would happen in the future. Just how could that be?

Even for God that would seem unusual from a human point of view. How could God see the future, unless it was happening at the same time as the present and the past? Could the past, the present and the future all be happening at the same time as far as God is concerned?

Could everything be just spread out or sort of in some “time book” so that if God wants to know what will happen at any point in the future, all he has to do is sort of turn the page and

see what happens next?

Is time travel possible?

I would say that it might be possible to travel back in time but we would be like a ghost. We could see what happened but unable to participate in the event and alter it in any way. We could see what happened to verify or study the event but the persons in the past would not see us. The past cannot be changed or altered in any way. It can only be observed.

I don’t think time travel into the future is possible. Why? Because we might do something in the present that we might not otherwise do just because we saw what happened in the future. The future cannot be changed either. If God can see the future then it has already happened.
All my theories are with the assumption that God certainty exists.

What would be the value of time travel?

The value of time travel would be just to verify what really happened: a study of events, to get complete details. Since the past has already happened to us, we are allowed the benefits of getting the full information to an event. If it changes what we will do in the future, that is permissible. We are supposed to learn from past mistakes.

The Bible even has a verse that acknowledges that. It is Romans 15:4 which highlights that past events are recorded in the Bible to instruct us.

Would time travel be desirable?

Yes, time travel is desirable for historical interest.

So is time travel possible? Yes, but only in the past but the past would not be aware we were there.
Is time travel of any value or desirable? Yes, to help us understand the past better and hopefully we can learn from it.


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