Is There A Solution To The Tragic Suicide Problem?

Yes, there is a simple solution to the tragic suicide problem. The suicide problem is not really hard to solve at all. The solution is simple but the application is another story. What is the simple solution to the suicide problem?

Why do people commit suicide?

We have to understand why people commit suicide. When you scrape away all the excuses, we find that there is only one reason for committing suicide.

What is the real reason people commit suicide?

It is a lack of love. The person committing suicide has no love for God, themselves, or anybody else. The person who commits suicide

does not feel loved, by God or by other people. Without love we are dead. We need love to live. Who wants to live without love?

* If they loved God they would not commit suicide.

Loving God means that we love life, a gift that God gave us. (Read James 1:16-17) God says that we must not kill and that would include ourselves.

* If we love ourselves and others then we would not commit suicide.

Jesus said that we should love our neighbor as ourselves. (Read Matthew 22:37-38) How could we commit an act that would hurt so many people? Suicide hurts many people.

* I have battled my suicide feelings and

have not acted on them.

I have not acted on my desires to commit suicide because I love God and would not want to displease him by sinning, by taking my life. Though these feelings have come many times, I have not done it even when dealing with unsupportable pain from abandonment of people that I loved or from excruciating pain from a life-threatening illness.

How could I cause pain to my family? How could I hurt my friends? How could I hurt my Heavenly Father?

I can’t, as I love them too much.

How can we solve the suicide problem?

So, let us teach our children that they are loved and teach them to love God, themselves and other people. No one that has love or loves will ever commit suicide. Love is the solution!


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