Is There A Positive Side To Pressure Or Stress?

Is there a positive side to pressure or stress? Do you run from pressure or stress or embrace it and let it do its magic on you?

Some might think that there is no positive side to pressure or stress and may try to avoid all pressure and stress all-together. But is that really so? What is the positive side to pressure or stress?

Do you know how diamonds are made? Sparkling, valuable and beautiful diamonds are the result of high temperature and pressure. High temperature and high pressure, which might seem undesirable in some instances, produce beautiful, valuable diamonds. Think of

that the next time you are facing some pressure or stress?

What are diamonds composed of? Diamonds are made up of almost pure carbon. Carbon is not very appealing on a ring or bracelet. Yet carbon as a result of tremendous pressure and heat is transformed into something as desirable as diamonds. It is the pressure that produces something precious and brilliant.

One cannot

live a pressure-free or stress-free life nor is that desirable. We need some pressure or stress in our life, for as pressure or stress comes our way and we learn how to deal with it, it builds up our tolerance of it. Our endurance and tolerance builds our coping abilities and skills.

So pressure or stress in itself is not bad. Not if we allow the pressure or stress transform us into hard diamond-like persons, with appealing qualities that sparkle in this negative, depressing world.

So let us not run away from every little pressure or stress that comes our way. Let us learn to endure pressures and stress and allow it to transform us into much stronger individuals. So, learning to endure pressures and stress can make us a better and a stronger person. We can become beautiful, precious and valuable people!

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