The Sweet Smell Of Success- Just What Is Success?

We all want to be successful! Does anyone really want to be a failure? So, just what is success? How does one measure success?

In life there are successes and there are failures. There are triumphs and there are defeats. Success can be small or huge. Success can bring much joy or it can even ruin a person if not handled with care.

Basically, success is the reaching of a desirable objective or goal. If one has a goal to reach the top of a mountain then he starts climbing and when he reaches the top then he has succeeded in his

objective and goal. If he wants to write a hundred articles on Expertscolumn, then he has to start writing articles and continue until he reaches hid objective of one hundred articles.

To keep himself motivated, he may set lesser goals and a greater goal. In the example of writing articles, his first objective can be five and then ten, followed by twenty-five, fifty, seventy-five and then one hundred. This keeps the motivation going.

If one wants to be successful then he has to be success oriented. He needs to be excited and find satisfaction by the prospect of accomplishment, achievement, reaching milestones and goals,

Think of a tree. Have you ever noticed just how many seeds a tree produces? For sure, the great majority of those seeds will not find favorable conditions and grow up to be a tree. Yet, the tree, year after year produces countless seeds. Is there a lesson to be learned here? Yes, the fact that we make

and effort and are productive that in itself can produce happiness and satisfaction. So there are different ways to measure success.

Think too of a baby. When it takes a step, it produces joy in its parents. So when we make an effort and have even a small measure of success, it can be a source of joy for us and others.
What can be the danger of success? The danger is in that we can begin to elevate ourselves above others. We can start to think that we are more valuable than our friends and associates. If we would start to think like that then that success might be empty and valueless, like fool’s gold. So, with success, we need to lean control of our thoughts and of the value we give to ourselves. We should always use our success to the benefit of others and not to their detriment.
Some, when they are successful, start to abuse themselves by overeating, excessive use of alcohol or by using drugs which can cause them harm or worse. Again, control is important! Like driving an automobile, control is of the utmost importance to have a pleasant experience.
So while success can bring delight and satisfaction and increase our happiness, it can also ruin our lives if proper control is not exercised. So enjoy the sweet smell of success and never let it poison you!

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