Stress- Things You Can Do To Deal With The Stress In Your Life

Doctors say that stress is a killer and the catalyst in many health disorders. So, don’t let stress send you to an early grave, drive you insane or ruin your health because there are many things and ways to deal, get rid of, reduce or manage the stress in your life.

How can you get rid of stress?

There is something that stresses you out. What is it? Can you get rid of whatever is causing the stressful situation? Let’s say that you live in an apartment building and the neighbors upstairs are making loud noises at all hours and it’s very

stressful to you. Can you get rid of the stressful problem altogether? Can you talk to them and see if they are reasonable with when they make the noise? Can you move? Think of how to get rid of the problem altogether.

This way of dealing with stress can be applied to many stressful situations like a job, a relationship or whatever. So whatever the stressful problem happens to be, is there a way of getting rid of the stressful problem altogether? If that can be done then the stressful problem is gone.

How can you reduce or manage stress?

This can be done by having a supportive social network. This network can simply be made up of a few good friends that you can talk with and discuss stressful events or situations. If one has a listening ear and can vent or unburden then

the level of stress will go down to where it is not a serious problem but a problem with which one can cope. A few people that you love and that love you can go a long way to bringing stress to a manageable level.

Learning to deal with stressful situations with kindness and a sense of humor and not taking everything that happens too seriously can also diffuse the level of stress. Learn to smile and laugh. Happy people have less stress because of their attitude towards situations, events and occurrences. Not all things that come our way will lead to the end of the world.

So do some fun things. Listen to some upbeat music and exercise or dance to its uplifting rhythm. Watch some funny movies or programs. Get together with some good friends and do things that bring enjoyment to your life.

Strengthen your relationship with God. If God is on your side what can anyone do to you that God cannot in time undo?

So stress can be managed or dealt with by a good attitude, not taking things too seriously and filling our lives with enjoyable people and activities. Stress cannot be totally avoided but it can be reduced to a manageable level.

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