Steps For Moving On After A Broken Heart

Moving on after a broken heart: how does one do it? How do you heal or mend a broken heart? And how does one move on?

First Step: Accept that it happened

Somebody that you loved dearly broke your heart? They left you for someone else? They cheated on you? You don’t understand how they could do that to you?

It is just the way it is. It happens. Yes, you don’t deserve it. Actually they don’t deserve you. You deserve better. But now, if you want to heal, you must accept that it happened and that there is not much that you

can do about it.

You must accept the situation the way it is. You will not heal your broken heart if you don’t accept the facts. You can only heal and move on, once you have accepted the situation.

Second Step: The Healing Process

If your heart has been broken, it can be healed! You don’t have to be in pain or suffer for the rest of your life. Here are some actions that can help to heal or mend your broken heart.

Pray to the maker of the heart!

Some view prayer as their first recourse and not as the last resort in any situation including when their heart is broken. They remember that “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18 New International Version)
So pray to the true and living God and ask him for strength and support at this painful time so that you can endure and even learn from this painful experience.

Spend some time to build a close relationship with Him. Everyone else may come and go but God will always be there. A relationship with God is the most important relationship in the universe, so it’s worth spending some time with him and getting close to him.

Cry yourself a river!

Crying is part of the healing process when one’s heart has been broken. So cry as much as you need. Crying is very therapeutic. Don’t hold back the tears. Let them out of your system. If you need some help to get the tears to flow then watching some romantic movies may help.

Remember the negative aspects!

Think often of the negative aspects of your former relationship! Think about all the negative aspects that you won’t have to put with anymore. The fact that they broke your heart shows that they were not the person for you. Be thankful that it happened sooner rather than later when you had invested even more into that relationship.

Let’s talk about it!

Share your pain with family, friends and even strangers that will listen. Don’t keep things bottled up. Talking to others helps get rid of the heavy load that you are bearing.

Reach out to family and friends and even strangers that will listen to you and be there for you as you pour out the pain or death-dealing poison that has been injected into our heart.

Seeing and hearing others sympathize with you or relating their own sad stories will soothe your broken heart and help it heal quicker.

Forgive them for they know not what they do!

Forgive the offender! You need to do this even if it is only in your own heart and you do not want to see

that person ever again. Not having hatred in your heart will help to heal because hatred is another poison that retards the healing process.

Think positive thoughts!

Think thoughts like: there are other fish in the sea, someday I’ll find someone who will truly appreciate me and now I have more time to do things I had put aside as I was occupied with the relationship.

Think of the positive benefits.

Think of all the benefits that you now have because this person is not in your life anymore. You now have more time and more money that you can now use on your other projects that you may have put aside.

Keep busy in useful activities!

Find something constructive to do with the extra time you now have. You might try doing things for the less fortunate. It helps to see that you are not the only ones hurting. That you are not unique as far as pain is concerned.

You may need some time to yourself but it should be limited. Isolating yourself for too long might just fill your mind with a lot of negative thoughts and fill your heart with a lot of negative emotions.

Re-living the pain over and over again will slow down the healing.

Don’t jump into another relationship too quickly!

Mourn the lost one and take the time you need to get over it. You may not be ready to deal with a new relationship at this time.

Going out with a group of friends and focusing on someone else without getting into a close relationship may prove helpful.

Give it time!

Just like any wound, a broken heart takes time to heal. Give it the necessary time. Remind yourself mentally that it will take some time but you will heal your broken heart.
Third Step: Moving on and looking forward.

In time you will be moving on.

Keep thinking that the future will be better. You will meet other people. You will find the love of your life. You will find that special one.

As you start to feel better, start doing some fun things. Go out with friends. Accept invitations. The world does not revolve around your lost relationship. Life goes on. There are better things ahead.

The action plan to heal or mend your broken heart is now in your hands and you can start today to take the steps it takes to heal and move on to better things!

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I am a researcher, a writer, a poet and most important a truth-seeker in all subjects and matters under the sun. My favorite, all-time book is the Holy Bible.This is what I like to write about. Please visit often and see what I have discovered.

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