Should We Stop Making Dangerous Automobiles (cars)?

Are automobiles safe? Should we stop making cars? Is there a safer mode of travel?

According to the World Health Organisation, two persons die every minute in an automobile accident somewhere in the world. That is about 1.2 million per year, 3287 per day, 136 per hour.

Add to that the number of injuries, the monetary cost of treating injured people and we can see that automobiles are a serious problem to mankind.

Are automobiles safe?

Are we making automobiles that are safe? It doesn’t seem so! Why are they not designed with safety in mind? Should they not be designed to reduce injury

and death? Are our automakers so short-sighted?

Should we stop making automobiles?

Should we put on our thinking caps and either find a way to make automobiles safer or think of a better way to travel?

Should the cities be redesigned?

Do we need to redesign the cities? That would give everyone jobs and get

everyone working again. Should all businesses be build in the center of town and build house around them and have buses or subway continually talking people to the center of town to shop or work?

Should we build one way covered bus lanes and covered bicycle paths with plexiglass? That would eliminate the weather problems like snow and slush and water.

The automobile has become a deadly vehicle and mode of travel. Also think of the high cost of the automobile, gasoline, and road maintenance and how much time is being wasted in traffic. So, is it time to find a safer way to get around and get rid of the automobile? Is it time to re-invent the way we travel?

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