Should One Take Care Of The Small Things Or Ignore Or Neglect Them?

Maybe you have come across the statement: don’t sweat the small stuff. Is that totally true? Should small things be ignored or neglected? Or is it important to take care of the small things?

Let’s see a few areas where it would not be wise to ignored or neglect the small things:

Have you ever had a small pebble in your shoe? Have you ever tried ignoring that?

What would happen if you ignored or neglected a cavity? It would not be wise to do that. If a cavity would be ignored it could lead to much trouble like a root canal or

a loss of a tooth. Even better is the small thing of brushing one’s teeth to avoid tooth damage altogether.

What would happen if you ignored or neglected a mosquito? If you went to bed without dealing with it, you might not be able to get a good night’s sleep.

Imagine the disaster that could result if you got some sand in your eyes when you were driving your automobile? Better to safely stop the car and remove the sand from the eyes.

These are just a few examples of

where the small things should not and cannot be ignored or neglected.

There are many small things in life that should be given proper attention:

They say that in marriage, it’s the small things that count. A few simple words or acts of affection go a long way to the enjoying of happy marriage. A little gift, now and then, can cement the relationship so that it lasts.

Fixing a small leak in the ceiling or roof might prevent untold damage. Sometimes a little prevention can go a long way to avoid huge problems down the road.

It is true that some small things might be best be ignored and not be made into a great deal. Still others need their proper attentions to avoid bigger problems. Look at all things and see if the best course is to take care of it or just forget about it.

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