Should Cheating (infidelity) Be A Criminal Offense?

Should cheating (infidelity) be a criminal offense? Why isn’t it? Should the laws be changed?

They marry. They make marriage vows about fidelity. Do these vows have any validity? Do these vows actually mean anything? Are there any intentions of keeping these vows? Are they just beautiful poetic words?

If one partner cheats or is unfaithful should there not be consequences for breaking a vow or solemn promise, often made before God ad human witnesses?

Should not some clauses be added to the marriage contract as to certain losses to be the automatic consequences of a vow not kept by cheating or infidelity?

An example would be: an automatic 25% loss or forfeiture of property for the cheating partner.

Now the vow has some significance. Now the vow has some weight to it. Without any value attached, the vow is just some hot air spoken meaninglessly.

What gives one the right to cheat?

We punish cheaters at school. We punish those that cheat on taxes. But we have no punishment for those that cheat on their spouses. The marriage contract should have clauses as to what happens if one cheats.

Should cheating be a criminal offense? Maybe, there should also be a jail sentence also

attached as a clause for cheating.

Should a letter of intent, warning of possible cheating, be served upon the innocent mate?

If they serve such a letter of intent, then they do not lose any rights, as a proper and timely warning of what could occur was given. Forewarned is forearmed as they say. The recipient of the intent can now adjust any behaviour that might be the cause of the dissatisfaction of the indenting cheater, if that would avert the cheating.

Once the cheating has taken place, there is not much that the innocent mate can do. The deed is done and cannot be undone.

Why do people cheat? There are varied reasons and there are no reasons. Some people are just cheaters. That’s the way they are. While others cheat because of curiosity, temptation, thrill, to hurt their partner, etc.

So, should cheating (infidelity) be a criminal offense? Why isn’t it? Should the laws be changed? Food for thought!

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