Since Science Will Fail Mankind And Canít Save Us; How Will God Save Us? (science Part 3)

Science is not the saviour some envision. Science cannot save mankind. Why? It is simply because it is in the hands of flawed mankind. We either can’t see the potential harm of some powerful discoveries or we will use some of these powerful discoveries, either intentionally or accidentally, to destroy ourselves. At this point in time, only intervention by God can save us. Will God save us?

God does not exist, many will declare! Science has proven that God does not exist beyond the shadow of a doubt, some will declare. Is that true? Science has proven no such thing and

will never do that.

Some scientists assert that there is no God. Could they be wrong? Let’s be honest. Look at the mistakes that scientists have made concerning things like: asbestos, thalidomide, the handling of nuclear power. How could any scientist make a claim that God does not exist?

We do not need a scientist to tell us whether God exists or not. We all have the intelligence and potential to reason that out for


If we are sincere, honest, unselfish, reasonable and willing to look at the facts then God himself will give us plenty of evidence of his existence and his interest in each one of us and mankind’s future.

God’s action plan to save mankind from ourselves and destruction is well under way and about to soon be completed. God will soon make a huge change in mankind’s direction.

God will not force us to follow him. He leaves it up to us to choose. He will not coerce us.

If you were in a burning building and the fireman was at your window with an escape route, would you take it? God is offering us a way out of imminent catastrophe. Will you accept it?

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