Mistakes Made By Science That Show That Science Is Flawed (science Part 2)

Science has done much to make some aspects of life easier like being able to travel long distances faster and to communicate instantly with anyone, anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, this same science has given mankind the potential for quick or slow self-destruction. Does science possess a huge flaw and the mistakes it has made possibly lead us to our last mistake?

Of course, science is just a tool of mankind and it is not science that is really the problem but the way mankind uses science that is the real problem.

Mankind lacks the wisdom to use anything properly and is

short-sighted as to what will happen in the future. Let’s illustrate with a few examples.

1) Asbestos. Once thought to be a life-protector from fires, it was hailed as a saviour and put into many buildings. It was then later discovered to be a health hazard that weakens the lungs and also a deadly carcinogenic.

2) Thalidomide. What was an effective sleep-inducing sedative was later discovered that pregnant mothers that used it produced

children with limb deformities or missing limbs.

3) Nuclear power. Think Chernobyl Think Fukushima! Think radioactive waste! Think air, water and soil contamination! Think possible nuclear war!

What do these three examples forebode? They forebode that some scientific discovery that could be very useful to mankind might one day lead to mankind’s destruction.

Mankind just doesn’t have what it takes to be able to use great, powerful, discoveries properly. Mankind is flawed and any children it produces (like science) will also be flawed and eventually cause our disappearance from the face of the earth.

If that is the case, what hope is there for mankind? We are not going to get rid of science, that’s for sure? Who or what could save us from oblivion?

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