Can We Rely On Science To Save Mankind From The Threat Of Annihilation It Has Created? (science Part 1)

There is no question that science has produced some incredible, amazing benefits to mankind. Yet, this same science has brought mankind to the brink of destruction through pollution and nuclear bombs. The question we now face is: can we rely on science to save mankind from the threat of annihilation that it has created?

Science has produced the automobile, the airplane and the computer. They are a boon and at the same time a bane to mankind. They have made our life easier and also brought us to the brink of possible destruction. They pollute, they kill, and all can be

used to eventually wipe out mankind.

They all pollute in different ways and the ingenuity that produced those inventions has also produced things that can also wipe us out: pollution and nuclear power.

We have a right to be concerned. Our future existence hangs in the balance. Pollution is getting worse and the threat of a nuclear holocaust in constantly in the news.

A simple and logical illustration: if we all had guns, might we one day be tempted to use it to shoot somebody or even accidentally and unintentionally shoot ourselves?

It’s possible, isn’t it? What makes one think that it is not possible that one day by intention or by accident, someone might press a button and a chain reaction to oblivion might begin? It’s possible isn’t it?

If we don’t make some changes in our lifestyles, pollution will slowly but progressively make our life unsustainable?

Can we rely on science to save mankind from the threat of annihilation it has created? There is a problem with science. Science is a powerful tool, for good and for bad. It has given us the power to destroy ourselves. We already have that.

Here are some sobering questions: Can science be trusted? How trustworthy is science? Has science ever made a mistake? Has science ever misled us? Can we rely on science to save mankind from the threat of annihilation it has created?

Discussion continues in Mistakes Made by Science that Show that Science Is Flawed (Science Part 2)

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